John Salibello

“I buy what excites me; if I love something, I know my clients will be drawn to it as well.”

With showrooms in Manhattan, Bridgehampton and West Palm Beach, John Salibello is responsible for helping to establish Mid-Century Modern as a distinct trend in interior design.  His four showrooms are filled with an incredible selection of lighting, furniture and art pieces.  This inspiring assortment involves a commitment that only someone with a tireless passion could foster.

Early on in his career, John amassed a private collection of antiques through his constant travels. However, he ultimately found himself with no space left to house these treasures. It was at this point that he bought a charming old farmhouse on the main road in Bridgehampton and opened his first antiques showroom.

The success of the Bridgehampton showroom fueled his ambition to expand his business to Manhattan.  As he became increasingly attracted to the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, he began to relentlessly buy all he could find. Whether it was important design

or the extremely unusual, John would acquire as many pieces as possible in an effort to present the most eclectic collection he could imagine. Clients responded with an exceptionally strong attraction to his fantastic assortment and John soon found that his clientele had rapidly expanded to include many of the most prominent architects and designers around the world. This propelled John to expand his first shop on East 60th Street twice, eventually ending up with three locations on East 60th Street that comprise over 15,000 square feet brimming with the most dazzling period pieces.

His reputation for impeccable restoration, unmatched selection and outstanding customer service makes his showrooms a first stop for many. In addition to his vast collection, John offers interior design services for select clients who would like his expert guidance in designing their homes.

“I choose to focus on fine design that is unusual and extraordinary, whether it has a designer name or not. I buy with my emotions and I hope I can pass that passion along to my clients.”

What Our Clients Say

I always turn to John Salibello for the extreme and the fabulous he never disappoints!

William T. Georgis Architect

"Opening the door from 60th street into John Salibello's store makes me feel like Dorothy emerging from the forest, first glimpsing OZ. It is a sparkly abundance of sumptuous furniture, lighting and objects always a torment of too many beautiful things but ultimately our Kemble Interiors go to for the unusual, the perfect, and the OMG."

Celerie Kemble Kemble Interiors

Walking by John Salibello's antique shops on 60th St, just draw you in. His consistent inventory is not only unique but is certainly inspirational. Thank you, John, for making shopping for those hard to find antique pieces possible.

James Aman, Ann Carson Aman & Carson

"I know that a visit to any one of John's galleries or to his web site will always be a productive and exciting adventure. My job as a designer is infinitely easier because of his unparalleled eye and his tenacity to find the very best, show-stopping lighting of the period. If I want to dazzle a client, a trip to John Salibello never disappoints!"

Arthur Dunham Jed Johnson Associates

John Salibello is THE source for top quality, 20th century lighting fixtures. He has amazing taste and the most extensive inventory of any New York vintage lighting dealer.

Erik R. Smith David Easton Inc.

I never miss shopping at John Salibello for all the high end projects I design. He has been a destination for top designers for years. John Salibello has an incredible eye for the unique and the unexpected, whether it is a table lamp, a chandelier or the most glamorous and marvelous furniture pieces.

Samuel Botero

"My company has shopped at John Salibello since they opened their doors. There is no better source for the exceptional and unique. Our work is so predicated on the element of glamour. John Salibello is like a modern day Aladdin's cave that always delivers."

Geoffrey Bradfield Geoffrey Bradfield Inc.

"We are always able to find the perfect object from John Salibello Antiques that becomes the focal point of a glamorously modern environment. Our clients are always delighted with the unique pieces that we are able to procure through John. Their ever changing inventory is always a delight to see and incorporate into our interiors."

Jeffrey L. Parker

As a designer who collects and shops around the world, I find Salibello to be a most valuable resource. Just the sheer volume of interesting and varied pieces that John has in his 3 shops, always has us coming back. In addition to not seen elsewhere furniture pieces, the lighting of all kinds available is not matched by any other dealers. The staff is always so accommodating and even when I'm looking for something specific, they will do an intensive search to try and find something for us.

Joe Nahem Fox-Nahem Associates, LLC

The most amazing for glamorous and glittering lighting and furniture. Salibello is my go-to source for its vast, vast selection of the most fantastic mid-century lamps, chandeliers, and sconces.

Jamie Drake FASID, IIDA Drake Design Associates

John Salibello is a go-to for mid-century lighting in New York. With a vast selection, I constantly find little gems when shopping at John's showrooms! One is guaranteed an exciting and eclectic mix of lighting and furniture with lots of personality.

Carol Egan Carol Egan Interiors

I have been going to John Sailbello's shops in both NYC and the Hamptons for years. He has a great eye and is one of my favorite sources for vintage furniture and unique lighting.

Robert Stilin

I really appreciate John's singular eye for the dazzling and unusual. His unparalleled collection of spectacular vintage European lighting, from dazzling Italian crystal chandeliers to pairs of gleaming Austrian sconces, always spark up a room!

Amy Lau Amy Lau Design

"John Salibello is the kind of showroom where you take clients to see lighting, and then end up seeing loads of other great things. You'll end up staying longer than you expect, because everything is so beautiful and there's always something to learn from the lovely people who work there."

Deborah Hancock Partner, Rees Roberts + Partners LLC

John Salibello has the world's most extraordinary selection of vintage lighting. They are always a first stop for me when I am looking for the very best of mid 20th century modern.

Charles Pavarini Charles Pavarini III Design Associates, Inc.

John Salibello is a terrific source for mid-century, contemporary and vintage furnishings, lighting and objects art. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, funny and always very helpful!  This is a must when shopping for Baughman to Haines to Springer, etc.  as they have an incredible and enviable inventory and most importantly I always find something to buy there!

Todd Alexander Romano

"John Salibello's eye is sophisticated and always interesting. It is my 'go to' resource for unique and unusual vintage lighting and furniture.

Eve Robinson Eve Robinson Associates

Salibello is the go-to place for mid-20th century lighting, furniture, and accessories. It's always my first stop when shopping for our modern projects.

Noel Jeffrey

"His uncommonly perceptive eye for the exquisitely beautiful anomaly has kept me coming back to John's stores for over ten years."

Kelly Wearstler

"Instant gratification is a designer's best friend and John Salibello is my go to destination for amazing antique lighting and unique objec' especially when I am in a pinch.  The gorgeous brass chandeliers featured on the cover of my book were a last minute find, fitting perfectly and installed in the client's home the next day."

Amanda Nisbet

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